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Christmas Seafood Recipes

The heat of the Australian summer makes seafood a great choice for Christmas lunch and all your festive season celebrations. These ideas include cold seafood recipes and seafood platters that are easy to prepare in advance (including the easiest starter of prawns with cocktail sauce), as well as cooked seafood recipes for the barbecue. Also see our collection of christmas prawn recipes.

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Jungle curry

Recipe submitted by Sunny A

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Pea & Ham Soup

Recipe submitted by Ajay

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Malaysian Style Kingfish

Recipe submitted by ngizee

Thumbnail of Potato-Tahini Salad loading...
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Potato-Tahini Salad

Recipe submitted by Huda Abu Hamdia

Thumbnail of Vegetable Chow Faan loading...
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Vegetable Chow Faan

Recipe submitted by Mrinal Kanti

Thumbnail of Chocolate Banana Shots loading...
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Chocolate Banana Shots

Recipe submitted by Diana64

Thumbnail of Lisa's Savoury Muffins loading...
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Lisa's Savoury Muffins

Recipe submitted by Lisa259

Thumbnail of Honey and Orange glazed salmon loading...
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Honey and Orange glazed salmon

Recipe submitted by Catherine160

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Spicy dry lamb experiment

Recipe submitted by priyasuman