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Biscuit and Slice Recipes

Biscuits and slices are bite size pieces of heaven that take us back to our childhood. Whether you are after chewydouble chocolate chip cookies, a tempting chocolate fudge brownie or classic coconut macaroons, you’ll find a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at LifeStyle FOOD. Indulge in these mouth-watering recipes and treat yourself to a delicious afternoon tea today!

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Almond Slice

Recipe submitted by Philippa

Thumbnail of Cookies 'n' Cream Rocky Road loading...
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Cookies 'n' Cream Rocky Road

Recipe submitted by Marina39

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Date and Walnut slice

Recipe submitted by catbrain

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Fudgey Brownie

Recipe submitted by lovehealthyfood

Thumbnail of Yo-Yo's loading...
4 4 4 4 4


Recipe submitted by Kirstie10

Thumbnail of Anzac Biscuits loading...
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Anzac Biscuits

Recipe submitted by AH59

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Apple Crisp

Recipe submitted by Ana Claudia

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Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

Recipe submitted by Laura114

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Vegan Chocolate Date Brownies

Recipe submitted by sweetbake

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Biscotti and chocolate pate

Recipe submitted by PW12