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Beef Recipes

These beef recipes are sure to leave you amazed at just how much you can do with one meat. Whether you are after a hearty casserole, stir fry, steak sandwich or a good old-fashioned roast, LifeStyle FOOD has the recipe for you. With this much versatility the whole family will be satisfied.

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Chicken Satay Sticks

Recipe submitted by Laura114

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Gourmet Auzzie Pizza

Recipe submitted by Panayioti

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4h 15m
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Slow Roasted Lamb Pappardelle

Recipe submitted by COOKING_MAMA™

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Burger with Tahini sauce

Recipe submitted by Remonable

Thumbnail of Enzo's Crispy Pork Belly loading...
5h 27m
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Enzo's Crispy Pork Belly

Recipe submitted by CASA E CUCINA

Thumbnail of Homestyle Nachos loading...
1h 30m
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Homestyle Nachos

Recipe submitted by ngizee

Thumbnail of 5 Hour Bolognese loading...
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5 Hour Bolognese

Recipe submitted by isolde100

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"Really Russian" Stroganoff

Recipe submitted by HS35