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River Cottage Australia Series 2 - Supplier List

River Cottage Australia Series 2 - Supplier List

Take a look at the suppliers used by the River Cottage Australia team.

How To Keep Your Herbs and Lettuce Fresh

By Sammy and BellaOn 23 Jun

If you’ve ever bought a bunch of soft herbs, it’s likely you’ve felt the pain of watching them go slimy and rotten in the bottom of the fridge. Here are Bella's top 3 methods of avoiding wastage!

Top Tips For a Successful Morning Tea

By Janelle BloomOn 1 Apr

Hosting a morning tea should be fun for you as well as your guests. Take the stress out of the big event with these tops tips from Janelle Bloom!.

Pinot Noir: The King of Wines

By Angus Hughson On 7 Apr

Pinot Noir wines are one of the best. Learn more about them from our resident wine expert Angus Hughson!

How to Cook your Meat: Tips from the Expert

There are about a million and one ways to cook your meat, but butcher’s daughter , Maria Gruttulini, knows all of the tricks of the trade.

How to Select, Store & Freeze Strawberries

Strawberries are extremely versatile – they can be a sweet dish, a savoury delight or even a refreshing drink! Here are our top tips for selecting, storing and freezing this fabulous fruit.

Top 7 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Cocktails

Mixologist and self-described “manthropologist” Babe Scott is on a mission to put the curve back into cocktail making. This cocktail queen has put together her liquid recipes for love, so you can pour your way into his heart for Valentine’s Day.

How to Throw the Perfect Summer Dinner Party

Eat outdoors this summer for a relaxed and casual way to enjoy the weather and entertain guests.

Plan the Perfect Party Playlist for your New Year's Eve 2013

Set the mood at this year's New Year's Eve party by constructing the perfect music playlist.

How Will You Celebrate New Year's Eve 2013?

Whether you're a party animal or not, New Year's Eve is a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, indulge in a drink or two and make some resolutions you may or may not keep.

How to Make a Family Beef Pie

By Matt MoranOn 5 Dec

Matt Moran shows you how to make a delicious beef pie that will feed 6 people