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When I was growing up

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Posted by nurse1Report
When I was growing up in Adelaide in the sixties the only cooking show on TV was Graham Kerr. We never knew if he drank more wine than he put in the recipes but he was always happy! Today you can't escape cooking programs but at least you can choose to watch your favourites. Keep on cooking. Nurse
Posted by Ron130Report
WHEN I WAS GROWING UP: 1944 to 1957

When I was growing up our house backed onto woods, a several-acre remnant of a once-mighty wilderness. This was in a southern Ontario town, a town that is now a city and has gone from a little place of 5000 people in 1950, when I was five, to over 100,000 more than half a century later in 2010.

Those woods, to which I referred above, were tame as can be when I walked through them on the way to school. Yet at night they still filled with unfathomable shadows. In the winter they lay deep in snow and seemed to absorb, to swallow whole, all the ordinary noises of your body and your world. Scary things could still be imagined to take place in those woods.

It was the place into which the bad boys fled after they egged your windows on Halloween and left your pumpkins pulped in the driveway. There were no Indians in those woods where once they had been. We learned about those Indians in school and, at least for me, at summer camps. They had many names.

There were no cooking programs on TV, at least in the several years we had a TV before my parents sold the TV considering it a bad influence on my studies. I did not really see a cooking program until some time in the 1990s. Now, I am drowning in cooking programs in these years of my retirement.-Ron Price, Tasmania