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quickies in he kitchen

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Posted by Jeff3691Report
A Punnet is a small standard size plastic container used for small fruit berries etc. I did see on one site that they are approximately 1 pint but I doubt it unless it was a US pint, which is completely different to a real pint. Fortunately we abandoned medieval forms of measurement decades ago! :-) As it's a capacity not a weight based receptacle, probably two US cups would be close.
Posted by Philippa WightmanReport
A really useful conversion guide to adapt overseas recipes is
A punnet of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc is generally around 200-250g
A teaspoon is around 5ml/5g; dessertspoon is 10ml/10g and Tblsp tablespoon around 20ml/20g - generally speaking.
The Glad piping bags are heavier guage plastic, although if you are careful and don't exert too much pressure, a bog-standard freezer type bag will serve the same purpose Mark.
You may be able to purchase the piping bags through a specialty cooking store. I agree with Anna, the fabric bags are a pain - they absorb too much of whatever you put into them (in my case, mostly molten chocolate) and are an absolute devil to clean properly.
Posted by NH11Report
You can buy them at the supermarket here in Australia. They are usually near the other icing decorations (at least at our local supermarket) or perhaps look near where the other glad wrap or foil is. If you can’t find them perhaps ask if your supermarket can get them in for you. I think they only cost a couple of dollars. Good luck
Posted by mark111757Report
hey everybody and greets from the states.....i really enjoy what Anne Gare does in the kitchen (and since for whatever reason i cant seem to post a comment on the recipe part, i will do it here) but i was wondering if she could be a bit more exact with her measurement or am i missing recipe calls for 4 punnets of much is that weight wise.....i am wondering about using desert spoons as measures....wouldn't grams be better...i would love to get some of those plastic pipping bags that she used in the ice cream and strawberry recipe....any thoughts.....any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.....thanks to all and regards from the states
Posted by mark111757Report
thank you for all the helpful information....have been dealing with a detached retina and not a lot of time (i am doing ok, just don't want to go thru that experience ever again)....i did some checking at the supermarket i work at here in the states, and we have strawberries in 1 and 2 pound containers; blueberries in a 537g/1US dry pint container; blackberries in a 12 oz/240g size and red raspberries in a 120g/6 oz size.....there seems like there are SOOOO many sizes, that i was very i was confused....i really did like those piping bags and you are right...the cleaning of the cloth bags can be a nightmare.......where can you find the glad piping bags? and are they terrible expensive??
Posted by mark111757Report
very thought is how many bags come in a box? and what does a box cost? secondly if it doesnt cost and arm and a leg to mail it to the states, i would consider that too...put some money into my paypal acct and here we go......can anyone help with this?

i went to the glad (aus) website and i did not see any info on the piping bags....maybe i missed it

thanks to all in advance!!!!!!!!!!!
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