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The Best in Australia

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Posted by Philippa Wightman • 5y ago • Report
Nail on the head there Joollz! Anna is also gracious - whether winning the vote or losing.
Remember watching the original The Best (from UK) and Ben came across as quite humble and gracious then.
Now though, his fame seems to have gone to his head and he's a real smart a**e. Noticed that the promo for the new show even says he is... which I thought hilarious.
Time for a reality check on your ego Benjamin!!
Posted by Joollz • 5y ago • Report
I love this show. I enjoy the humour and the recipes are always interesting and I usually can't wait to try them. Anna, in particular, proves that the regular domestic chef/mum at home can be just as creative (if not more so) as a professional chef
Posted by Nice&spicy • 4y ago • Report
Gees Darren's put on some weight - maybe too many "Irish dobs of butter".
Posted by Nice&spicy • 5y ago • Report
Such good fun this show - and boy do they all know how to cook!
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