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Posted by Jeff3691 • 4y ago • Report
What an unusual program! The Chef presenter seems to want to make food sound really unattractive by her terminology.
She was making something that involved rendering salami and instead of saying fat, she kept saying grease. Grease is for lubricating cars, not used in cooking. Whatever it was she was cooking (it was a Thanksgiving program) it almost turned my stomach with her descriptions.
Posted by Jeff3691 • 4y ago • Report
I think she was making a stuffing for a Turkey, she started with the Salami, so the "grease" would come out, then added the onion etc..
I used the word rendering, probably technically incorrect but sauteing until the fat (grease) melts out.
Posted by jackicam • 4y ago • Report
Rendering salami? That's enough to put me off whatever was being cooked! Now I really want to see this show...
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