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The Art of Preparing Great Coffee

The Art of Preparing Great Coffee

Barista Sam Cosentino has coffee running through his veins, and there just couldn't be a better qualified authority on how to make a great coffee!

Cheeses of Germany

Will Studd travels to some of the dairies whose farmers are determined to revive artisanal cheese making.

Jean-Luc Rocha on Gastronomy as Art

Jean-Luc shares some of his culinary experiences and triumphs.

Cheeses of Provence

In this episode, Will Studd visits the beautiful region of Provence in southern France, which he claims fully deserves its reputation for spectacular scenery and magnificent food - especially its cheeses - many of which you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Serge Vieira on Gastronomy as Art

Serge shares some of his culinary experiences and triumphs.

Cheeses of Wales

Will Studd visits the luscious Welsh countryside in search of some authentic and rare Welsh cheeses.

Summer Entertaining Mobile App for BlackBerry

Get the LifeStyle FOOD Channel Summer Entertaining mobile app for BlackBerry®.

Cheeses of Piedmont

Will Studd traverses this stunning region of Italy, bordered by the French and Swiss Alps, in search of some beaitiful rare cheeses.

Cheeses of Scotland

Will Studd journeys through the varied landscapes of Scotland.

Boxing Day Chutney Recipe

The perfect complement to the cold meat leftovers on Boxing Day.

Christmas Gifts: Homemade Chocolate Christmas Truffles

Kirstie returns to the old fashioned values of family, friendship and feasting to create some deliciously dark homemade chocolate truffles for gifts.