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Anna Gare's Summer Entertaining Tips

Anna Gare's Summer Entertaining Tips

Anna Gare shares her top tips for entertaining over Christmas and the new year and tells us about her latest projects.

More Decorating Techniques and Tools

By Paris CutlerOn 21 Dec

Take a look at Paris Cutler's guide to key techniques and tools to help decorate your next cake creation.

How to Match Wine with Christmas Lunch

Learn more about the best wines to drink over the festive season, with these tips from Jeff Long, Food and Beverage Manager at Bimbadgen in the Hunter Valley.

How to Make Chocolate Soufflés

Chef Annie Smithers shares her special tips and recipe to create the perfect chocolate soufflés.

How to Paint a Cake

By Paris CutlerOn 15 Dec

Make your next cake a work of art with Paris Cutler's tips on how to paint a cake.

The Secret to Making Your Cakes Shine

By Paris CutlerOn 14 Dec

Want to know the secret behind the sheen of Planet Cake's creation? Paris Cutler reveals all.

Cake Decorating Tips: Glue Icing and Zippers

By Paris CutlerOn 14 Dec

Want to glue icing together or make icing zipppers? Planet Cake's Paris Cutler reveals how.

Cake Decorating: Icing Rolls and Tassels

By Paris CutlerOn 7 Dec

Learn how to make icing rolls and tassels for your next cake creation.

How to Make a Frill and a Bow

By Paris CutlerOn 7 Dec

Decorate your cakes with pretty frills and bows, with these tips from Planet Cake's Paris Cutler.

Top Tips for Preparing Meals and Entertaining this Xmas

Check out these top tips from Westfield food and home expert, Emma Braz.

How to Cover a Round Cake

By Paris CutlerOn 30 Nov

Did you know that round cakes are the easiest to cover? Learn how with Paris Cutler's top tips to covering round cakes.