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Christmas Recipes: Saffron Eggnog

Christmas Recipes: Saffron Eggnog

James Wong’s recipes will calm and sooth the stress that comes with Christmas.

Christmas Recipes: Rosehip Sherbet Hangover Heaven!

James’s unique concoction is sure to knock the headache caused by one to many glasses of wine at Christmas on the head!

Christmas Recipes: Fennel and Peppermint Sugared Mice

James Wong’s Fennel and Peppermint Sugared Mice are the just what the doctor ordered to cure any Christmas excess.

Willie's Wife Tania's Perfect Something for the Party Bag: Jewelled Bites

Surprise your guests with a little something to take away from your party. Tania’s Jeweled Bites are a gem for the goody bag and really simple to make too!

Christmas Recipes: Willie's Chocolate Clementine Cheesecake

For a light and creamy dessert - with a hint of chocolate goodness of course! - try Willie’s smooth and sumptuous Chocolate Clementine Cheesecake.

Christmas Recipes: Willie's Quince Jelly Chocolate Cheese

Willie serves up a picture perfect platter of chocolate infused quince jelly cheese, which his guests devour as they settle in for their festive feast.

Willie's Family Christmas Lunch: Turkey Stuffing

You can’t have Christmas without roast turkey.

Willie's Christmas Lunch: Classic Chocolate Tart

Willie serves up the most deliciously dark Classic Chocolate Tart for his family on Christmas Day.

A Christmas Feast at River Cottage: Canapes - The Sprout Challenge

According to Hugh, you can’t have Christmas without sprouts, so here are three distinct ways of incorporating the humble sprout into your festive spread.

A Christmas Feast at River Cottage - Venison Canapes

Hugh uses all parts of the Seeker stage, as intriguing as some may be, in his creative and original Venison starters.