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EMMA <3 At a very young age, having eaten things such as frogs legs, escargot, rollmops, roasted pigs head and crumbed brains with my grandfather, I began my love for food... I just love to cook! It relaxes me and makes me feel good when people enjoy my food, and more importantly, when I enjoy my food! I love throwing dinner parties with themes: Italian, Greek, French etc - I'll spend a week preparing and conjuring up the menu and sourcing quality produce! My favourite flavours are by far truffles, porcini mushrooms, foi grois and la buche d'affinois! I love strong flavours and really enjoy slow cooking to get exceptionally tender results! My signature dish is definitely my Northern Italian style Lasagne - it takes me 2 days to prepare, 3 hours to cook the meat sauce and is just divine! When I first made this dish I was amazed at how authentic it tasted, and my Italian friends told me that it tasted just like their nona's original recipe! I also love to cook things like Asian braised pork belly, twice cooked in the oven with a sticky honey sauce (reduced with the braising liquid) - it is so melt-in-the-mouth amazing and full of delicious flavour! Hmmm what else? I LOVE duck dishes! Nothing is better than duck leg confit paired with a creamy porcini risotto!! Seafood is also a huge hit with me, I love prawns, marron, lobster, bugs, any kind of fish, calamari etc - as long as it's fresh, quality produce and cooked well it will be delicious! I guess that theory is my fundamental belief for all food and cooking; fresh quality ingredients make the best food, and sometimes even the simplest recipes are best! (Mmmm Insalata Caprese (Italian tomato, buffalo mozarella, basil and olive oil salad) - is an exceptional example!) I could go on and on - in fact, I used to work for a restaurant guide in WA where I reviewed restaurants as part of my job. Needless to say it was a great job, and I was very lucky during that time to sample some of WA's finest restaurants!

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Posted by Keagan • 3y ago • Report
hay dear your smexi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (.Y.)
Posted by PeterT • 3y ago • Report
Hi Emma Jade,I stumbled across your profile and i love your passion
and knowledge of food and i think your recipes are very good.I will
definately try the tiramisu your way.
And by the way you look absolutely beautiful!!!!!
Posted by Hassan4 • 3y ago • Report
nice recipe
Posted by Aaron48 • 4y ago • Report
your food looks very beautiful and so are u. :) Its good, seriously. anyway, I am gonna try some of your recipes here. looks very interesting too. I love tiramisu.I am just new member. I just posted one recipe.
Posted by ejade03 • 5y ago • Report
I have a heap of amazing recipes I will update here soon - once i get time!! <3
Posted by ejade03 • 5y ago • Report
Hey Hungry Girl :P

Aww thanks - I'm just spewing they deleted half my recipes because I used copyrighted images from the net (woops) - now I have to bloody re-enter them which is a pain! But I will do that soon :)
Posted by hungry girl • 5y ago • Report
Hi Emma Jade, love your recipes - they look great! I will definitely be trying those baked mushrooms ...
Posted by ejade03 • 5y ago • Report
Mmmmm duck confit!! I love Rick Stein!!
Posted by ejade03 • 5y ago • Report
Oh it's ok... apparently it takes a while to publish :P
Posted by ejade03 • 5y ago • Report
Can anyone help?? I have published two of my own recipes so far however they are not showing up in the My Recipes section?? Do they take a while to publish properly?

Hmmm quite annoying when I'd like to share them with friends!!