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Adrian Richardson

Celebrity Chef

What motivates a person who has gained his pilots’ license at 16, and whose father was also a pilot, to change tack mid stream and become a Chef?

An inherited passion for cooking from his Grandfather could be one explanation, but whatever the reason, Melbourne and its food scene, were the fortunate ones. Adrian Richardson is what you would call a “Quiet Achiever”. His restaurant, La Luna is a successful and bustling place in North Carlton, serving up clean, fresh and innovative food.

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Vaalia Yoghurt

By Adrian RichardsonOn 26 Mar

Australians have been enjoying all the benefits of Vaalia yoghurt's unique probiotic cultures for more than 10 years.


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Posted by Dazzler • 6w ago • Report
Loved every one of your serieseses. watch the repeats over and over, never tire of them. It's about time you did some new ones!!! Cheers Darryl.
Posted by GKatz • 31w ago • Report
I have to say that as a Canadian I am highly offended by Mr. Richardson's generalization of Canadians and the foods that we eat - not everyone eats duck, or maple syrup, especially not with as he put it in one of his episodes that "Canadians have maple syrup on everything that we eat". Get your facts right before you air something that general, the only Canadians that consume maple syrup with almost everything are those in Quebec where it is found.
Posted by JC193 • 37w ago • Report
Mr Richardson, what part of the Kangaroo do you think is sustainable? You only use a tiny part of the animal so how do you reconcile yourself with the statement of using the kangaroo as a sustainable animal for use in your cooking?
Posted by Bezz • 1y ago • Report
Talk about a pork chop, you certainly don't have to be a celebrity chef to cook like one, I know I wouldn't like to cook like Richo. What a load of self indulgent rubbish eh! RICHO.
Posted by Brad40 • 1y ago • Report
Just found your show, it's awesome. No chef here in America has the balls to cook offal. Cheers. Btw I laughed so hard when you used a hatchet for the pigeon heads
Posted by Linda166 • 2y ago • Report
I just love your show i recorded it for the heck of not knowing what it was all about and omg!! i am addicted your meals look amazing the kangaroo sandwhich really had me drooling haha since i live in Ohio we cant get kangaroo here or if we can i wouldnt know where to go but iI love your accent, your style and your passion of cooking its just amazing and i love that oven omg
Posted by Diana10 • 2y ago • Report
First time I have seen your show featuring "Ox Tail Stew" haven't tried any tail really but thought I might give it a try. Like your style- simple yet uncompromising!! Look forward to your next dish!!
Posted by tdiraimo • 2y ago • Report
Adrian, since I've discovered your "Secret Meat Business" and "Boys Weekend" shows, I've started taping them. You are amazing, funny and fun to watch!
Posted by Julie2611 • 2y ago • Report
Hey there Adrian, love your show's, & look forward to learning more, can't wait to Visit your Restaurant, hope your there when we go..When i book, i'll make sure you will be there, thank's i think your great. :o)
Posted by Sheryl62 • 2y ago • Report
Hi Adrian, I did not like cooking shows until I saw you. I found them boring and difficult to follow. I can understand, enjoy and create from watching you. Your an amazing teacher. Thankyou for taking me to a whole new place of wonder and delight. Sheryl
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