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Mike Matthews

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Mike: 63 [M].

I retired in 2006 having spent 11 years owning and running a guesthouse in New South Wales Australia. Born in the UK, I came to Australia in 1979 for a two-month holiday and I am still here. Having completed a catering degree in the 1960’s, I have spent my life working in hospitality and theatrical management in the UK, Jersey CI and Austral-Asia. In Australia I also worked in the wine industry, market research, and various management positions through my own consultancy company. Interests: In retirement I teach adult literacy as a volunteer. I enjoy history, the theatre, cooking and entertaining; I am a member of Probus and U3A. I travel as much as possible visiting exciting new countries and places I have not been to before enjoy, meeting and interacting with the local people, their cultures and cusines.

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